Government, Associations, Providers/Payers and Societies (GAPS) clients enlist Doctor Evidence’s suite of solutions for help with organizing or analyzing existing publications, writing new publications, or the development and dissemination of evidence-backed clinical treatment guidelines.

 Doctor Evidence creates comprehensive data hubs for targeted clinical (PICO) questions for our GAPS clients through its GROWTH program—Guidelines and Research Organizations Worldwide for Transparency and Harmonization.   

 GROWTH Evidence is open to all GAPS organizations participating in the Doctor Evidence platforms for their evidence reviews and/or guideline development. These include DOC LibraryDOC Data, and DOC Create. Only commercial organizations are excluded from membership in GROWTH Evidence.  Member benefits include the following:

  • Shared resources, (e.g., databases of digitized data from published studies, PICO questions in development, etc.)
  • Shared tips and techniques, including methodology papers, tools, templates, etc.
  • Members-only sharing privileges and permission controls
  • Forum for asking questions and debating interesting topics and dilemmas
  • Opportunities to interact with other GROWTH Evidence members at receptions hosted during Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) conferences or G-I-N North America conferences
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with members of GROWTH Patients, including consumers who are interested in serving on guideline panels and in other EBM activities
  • Ability to find evidence-based medicine (EBM) organizations interested in the same therapeutic topics either through GROWTH Evidence or the GROWTH Map
  • Ability to promote your own organization and your achievements to other members of GROWTH Evidence, GROWTH Patients, or through your profile on the GROWTH Map