DOC™ Dashboard

DOC Dashboard is a networked data-configuration manager designed to integrate primarily clinical data from multiple sources to corporate value frameworks. This meta-data integration model facilitates the evaluation of corporate priorities and execution of high reward strategies against corporate attractiveness criterion. Used alone or in coordination with DOC Data, each DOC Dashboard can be customized to map project and portfolio-level analytical outcomes to client-defined economic value frameworks and risk assessment attributes. The dashboard also houses a molecule’s history in a timeline format from clinical trial submission, including all regulatory artifacts all the way to current day activity.

The DOC Dashboard solution can be customized to consolidate disparate data sources into one platform to allow c-suite executives to analyze their company’s portfolio across multiple dimensions. In addition to data from published clinical studies, doc dashboard can consolidate information regarding a company’s proprietary, non-published data, FDA submissions and correspondence, results of clinical trials publicly available at, and other sources that executives believe need to be analyzed in a data dashboard environment. The solution includes multiple drill-down functions that allow executives to scan the entire portfolio at a high level and explore areas of particular exposure or opportunity at a more granular level. DOC Dashboard was designed to integrate all Doctor Evidence solution suite products from various business-unit projects into a central data dashboard for corporate and select stakeholders’ accessibility.

Features of DOC Dashboard include the following:

    • Integration of multi-departmental projects (HEOR, Med Affairs, Clinical) into a central corporate meta-data dashboard
    • Environment allows users to configure interface using proprietary corporate analysis rubrics
    • Easy access to key studies and outcomes, mapped to critical corporate factors
    • Evidence breakdown can be designated to a customized level of granularity
    • Ability to create high-level product comparisons and overviews of clinical evidence, including strengths and weaknesses across products and/or factors
    • Full transparency to supporting evidence/ability to follow to individual study source information
    • Several data visualization options, including additional options in development, which can be used for internal or external presentations

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