Doctor Evidence’s diverse suite of products offers drastic improvements to the accuracy, speed and utility with which clients conduct evidence synthesis and reviews.  DRE is a medical evidence company that finds, synthesizes and analyzes data from public sources into actionable knowledge. We further supplement these products with a highly skilled services staff for medical writing, interpretation, and translational science services.  See more at: Services

    • Dynamic. The flexible architecture of each of our solutions accommodates rapid changes in the research landscape: studies can be added or subtracted to a meta-analysis in minutes rather than hours or days; quarterly search updates keep sources current.
    • Transparent. The transparency of the system is such that users can follow a single data point from its place in a meta-analysis all the way back to its origin of publication.
    • Compliant. Our analytical software is fully compliant to the stated methodology standards of the Institute of Medicine and follows the requirements outlined for a Cochrane meta-analysis, keeping you publication-ready at all times.

Our core solutions include the following:


DOC Library

Access references through a central online repository shared across users of a department or organization.


DOC Data

Manage and analyze data from clinical studies using a highly structured, enterprise-class data warehouse, including study design fields, author definitions, characteristics, endpoints, statistical data and more.



Communicate evidence-backed value for the purpose of shaping high-level corporate strategy.


DOC Label

Quickly search, compare and highlight key words and phrases in FDA and UK labeling for all FDA and MHRA approved products.



Analyze data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) through a user-friendly interface.