DOC™ Label

The DOC Label solution enables users to retrieve and compare results from a database of thousands of FDA and UK drug labels.

  • Conduct simple or complex searches of product labeling; view search results using an easy-to-understand display, downloadable into common formats for use in presentations and reports; save results for later use
  • Search within retrieved results to find and compare current, past, or otherwise differing label versions for the same drug
  • Easily identify search terms as they appear in the original text
  • Visually compare multiple labels across desired sections, with differences between sections highlighted automatically

The recently updated DOC™ Label 2.0 version expands upon the existing DOC™ Label platform with the addition of over 7,500 drug labels from the United Kingdom (UK). Upgrades have added the following features to the system:

  • Search and compare US and UK labels side by side
  • Query using multiple Boolean advanced searches
  • Fully map and compare core data sheets (CDS's) to labels
  • Export comparisons with search results to Microsoft Word
  • Add custom label section mapping (regional, PLR, SPC, etc.)
  • Search Matrix Report (provides “Table of Contents” for search results)
  • Compare label versions with "track changes"feature
  • Automatic email notification when tracked label is updated.